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CA Bill Passes Public Safety Committee Volume 2, Number 4
March 30, 2007

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The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act passed out of the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday by a vote of 5-2. Introduced on February 21, 2007, AB 684 is a bill that would let farmers grow industrial hemp without state or federal licenses. The two authors of the bill, Reps. Mark Leno and Chuck DeVore, spoke eloquently and convincingly at the hearing, as did John Roulac of Nutiva and Patrick Goggin of the Hemp Industries Association. This is the beginning of the process to get AB 684 on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk by the end of summer.

California is an important state for many reasons. It has a large media presence, a huge agricultural capacity, an excellent transportation system, and a large base of environmentally-aware consumers. Newspapers in farming regions have published editorials in support of hemp farming, as have those in both more conservative and more liberal regions of the state. Hemp is truly a bi-partisan issue that touches people of many persuasions.

You can make a difference and help get this bill passed and hemp growing in the state once again. If you are from California, please take a few minutes now to write your Senator and Assemblymember and ask them to support AB 684, The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

We also ask that you please make a contribution to Vote Hemp today to help us continue our work in the important state of California.

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Eric Steenstra
Vote Hemp

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  • Weekly News Update Sampler

    Our View: It's time for a victory for hemp
    Marysville-Yuba City, CA

    The Assembly Public Safety Committee held hearings Tuesday on AB684, the industrial hemp bill sponsored principally by San Francisco Democrat Mark Leno and Irvine Republican Chuck DeVore. A similar bill, allowing California farmers to grow industrial hemp for food, fiber, cosmetics and other products, passed the Legislature last year but was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

    The Legislature would do well not to be discouraged by this history and pass AB684 overwhelmingly. Gov. Schwarzenegger, once he understands that some of his stated reasons for vetoing it last year are off-base, would benefit all Californians by signing it.



    Hemp hype
    LA Daily News
    Los Angeles, CA

    HEMP may be a first cousin to marijuana, but that's no reason to justify the continued ban on the useful plant.

    Indeed, the association with the illegal weed has unfairly tainted hemp from being grown and harvested. That's why the bill by Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, to legalize the farming of this durable and sustainable crop ought to be supported by his colleagues. Long a cause for hippie types, hemp has gained popularity as a lucrative crop for fiber.

    There was never a very strong reason to ban hemp, other than that the plant looked a lot like marijuana. At a time when we need renewable resources, there's even less reason.



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    Nationwide: Click here to send a letter urging your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor HR 1009, the "Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2007."

    California: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support AB 684.

    Hawaii: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support HB 1535.

    New Hampshire: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support HB 424.

    North Dakota: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support HB 1020, HCR 3028 and HCR 3042.

    South Carolina: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support H 3305.

    Wisconsin: Click here to send a letter urging your state legislators to support AB 146.

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