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This page provides the latest information on hemp laws, legislation and regulations for those working on industrial hemp in Colorado.

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Colorado Hemp Law, Legislation & Regulations

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) regulates hemp farming and research in Colorado. Contact them for more information on hemp farming regulations and how to apply for a hemp cultivation license.

Colorado Hemp Laws & Legislation

Colorado State General Assembly

SB 29

The bill requires the institute of cannabis research at Colorado state university - Pueblo (institute) to develop marijuana tracking technology (technology). The technology must include an agent that is applied to a marijuana plant, marijuana product, industrial hemp, or industrial hemp product and then scanned by a device.


SB 38

Concerning the allowable uses of reclaimed domestic wastewater, and, in connection therewith, allowing reclaimed domestic wastewater to be used for industrial hemp cultivation.


SB 109

The bill creates a group under the commissioner of agriculture to study the feasability of including hemp products in animal feed. The group includes a hemp producer, a hemp processor, a legal expert, a person from an institution of higher education who has studied hemp policy, a veterinarian, a livestock producer, and any other person the commissioner determines would facilitate understanding the legal, practical, or business considerations. The group will make recommendations by December 31, 2017.

Status: Signed by Gov. Hickenlooper on 3/30/17

HB 1148

Current law requires persons who wish to cultivate industrial hemp to apply to the department of agriculture for a registration. The bill adds a requirement that applicants to cultivate industrial hemp for commercial purposes provide the names of each officer, director, member, partner, or owner of 10% or more in the entity applying for registration and any person managing or controlling the entity. Applicants for a registration may be denied registration for up to 3 years if any individual or entity listed in the application was previously subject to discipline, or the individual or entity was previously listed by an entity that was subject to discipline. When a registration is suspended, revoked, or relinquished, a new application for registration may be denied for up to 3 years after the effective date of discipline.

Status: Signed by Gov. Hickenlooper on 3/23/17

SB 117

In Colorado, water subject to a water right may be used for the purpose for which the water is decreed. The bill confirms that a person with an absolute or conditional water right decreed for agricultural use may use the water subject to the water right for the growth or cultivation of industrial hemp if the person is registered by the department of agriculture to grow industrial hemp for commercial or research and development purposes.

Status: Signed by Gov. Hickenlooper on 5/21/17


Concerning oversight of the Industrial Hemp Program. Introduced in the Senate on 4/4/2014. Summarized bill history. Download the text of SB14-184 as Introduced here (PDF file 45k).


Concerning the creation of a program in the Department of Agriculture to regulate industrial hemp production. Introduced in the Senate on 4/1/2013. Summarized bill history. Download the text of SB13-241 as Introduced here (PDF file 45k).


Concerning the establishment of an industrial hemp remediation pilot program to study phytoremediation through the growth of hemp on contaminated soil. Introduced in House on 1/18/2012. Summarized bill history. Download the text of HB12-1099 as Introduced here (PDF file 28k). Download the text of HB12-1099 as Enacted here (PDF file 33k).

Status: Signed by Gov. Hickenlooper on 6/4/2012.


Concerning the recognition of industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural commodity, and, in connection therewith, urging Congress to clarify the federal definition of industrial hemp, facilitate domestic production of industrial hemp, and remove barriers to state regulation of the production of industrial hemp. Introduced in House on 4/23/10. Passed in House on 5/5/10. Introduced in Senate on 5/6/10. Passed in Senate as amended on 5/12/10. Summarized bill history.
Download the text of HJR10-1027 as Introduced here (PDF file 20k).
Download the text of HJR10-1027 as Engrossed here (PDF file 24k).

SB 67

Passed in the Senate, but failed in the House Agriculture Committee
after the DEA lobbied against it. Sponsored by Sen. Lloyd Casey.

SB 132

The Colorado Hemp Production Act. Introduced January 25th and assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee. The 1st hearing held February 9th and 2nd hearing held Feb. 16th. This was the first hemp legislation in the modern era and was sponsored by Sen. Lloyd Casey. Special thanks to the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project (CO-HIP) for pushing to get this bill introduced and all the work they did to try to pass it. Ultimatley this bill failed to pass in the committee due to negative testimony by the DEA, Denver Police Dept., Colorado Sheriffs Drug Watch International and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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