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The Vote Hemp Weekly News Update Volume I, Number 3
April 28, 2006

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the third issue of The Vote Hemp Weekly News Update! Every week members of the Vote Hemp Board of Directors and our Media Team will help to choose the best hemp news to present to you for your perusal.

A special note this week. We welcome Patrick Goggin to the Vote Hemp Board of Directors. Patrick began working with Vote Hemp in 2001 on the HIA v. DEA case. He has also taken an active role in helping coordinate our efforts to support the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act (AB 1147). Patrick will surely be a valuable addition to our board.

With this gain we also have a loss. Erik Rothenberg, one of Vote Hemp's long-time board members, has moved on to pursue other interests and business ventures. Erik has been an incredible asset and wrote our Vote Hemp Treatise A Renewal of Common Sense: The Case for Hemp in 21st Century America. It is just as relevant today as it was when it was written in 2001. If you have not read it lately, we suggest that you take another look. We thank Erik for his years of service and wish him well in his new ventures.

The hemp news this week features stories from opposite sides of the globe. Hemp acreage is up in Canada, and farmers, processors and manufacturers are finally making some money on hemp, but there are a few cautions to be heeded as noted in the Manitoba Co-operator story and Hemp Report editorial. Also from the Canadian praries comes the new farming guide Hemp Production in Saskatchewan. It is well worth taking a look.

From Australia come three stories on the progress that is being made with hemp there. Australia has a situation that is almost as weird as that in the United States. They can grow hemp but cannot use it for human consumption, whereas we cannot grow hemp but can use it for human consumption. Go figure!

Please make a contribution to Vote Hemp today to help us fix the situation here in the U.S.

We need and truly appreciate your support!

Best Regards,

Tom Murphy
Weekly News Update Editor

Weekly Hemp News Stories
  • Hemp acres more than double
  • Spring 2006 Editorial
  • Hemp crop push is going to the dogs
  • ABC Rural: Hemp goes on trial
  • Llewellyn backs hemp farming

  • Spring 2006 Editorial

    By Arthur Hanks
    The Hemp Report
    April 22, 2006

    It's an interesting new era for Canada's hemp industry. We're nine years in and companies are, well, seeing green. Not just the green that spreads its serrated leaves across field sections every summer, or the Green that comes with making and selling sustainably produced products (and no, it isn't the green of jealousy) — it's the green of money.

    After a few years of steady growth, the current North American market for hempseed-derived products is now calculated to be about $40 million. Some companies have been consistently growing sales at 50% or more per year. New products continue to hit the shelves, and distribution of these new products continues to reach new retailers.

    According to the most recent SPINS data, the largest-selling categories of hemp foods in 2004-05 were hemp flour (protein bread), hemp nut (snack/energy bars) and hemp protein powder.

    And so for the fifth year running, cultivated acreage of hemp is increasing.

    Hemp crop push is going to the dogs

    By Nic Price
    The Examiner - Tasmania, Australia
    April 16, 2006

    "Don't expect your pet to be hallucinating rainbow cats or listening to Dylan music."

    It's not a quote you would ordinarily expect from a man launching a new product, but this isn't an ordinary product.

    After eight years battling bureaucracy, Tasmanian farmer Ian Rochfort has been granted government approval and the first licence to use hemp seed (Cannabis sativa) in a pet health food product.

    Mr Rochfort's Hemp Hound Hors D'Oeuvres dog biscuits, made from Tasmanian organic hemp seed, hit shelves across the country this week.

    ABC Rural: Hemp goes on trial

    By Eliza Wood
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    April 11, 2006

    Industrial hemp has many uses including clothing, health foods, and animal bedding — but the versatile product is not taking off as quickly as one would expect.

    Hemp trials have been grown in North-West Tasmania for a number of years, and this year’s crop is currently being harvested.

    A fifth of a hectare of Cannabis sativa is being grown at the Forthside Research Station for entrepreneur Ian Rochfort, who is developing a business in hemp biscuits for dogs.

    Llewellyn backs hemp farming

    ABC Online - Australia
    April 13, 2006

    New Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries, David Llewellyn, has promised to change Tasmania's laws on hemp farming.

    A Tasmanian company is being granted a licence to use hemp in dog biscuits after a seven-year fight for permission.

    Mr Llewellyn says hemp grows well in the state, and it could become a valuable Tasmanian export.

    "I was not aware the hurdles in legislation here in Tasmania are now making it a little more difficult," he said.

    Hemp acres more than double

    By Bonnie Baltessen
    Manitoba Co-operator
    April 21, 2006

    Last year there were 12,000 acres in Manitoba, with Canada reporting a total of 20,000 acres. Manitoba was dubbed the hemp capital of Canada.

    Keith Watson, diversification specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, said the 30,000 acres to be seeded in Manitoba would be mostly contracted acres. With two Manitoba processors and a new one from Alberta buying hemp, there is plenty of business to spread around.

    "The Canadian total will be up quite a bit," Watson added, but declined to guess as to what the Canadian total would be. "The major expansion will be in Alberta and Saskatchewan," he said.

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