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In conjunction with the Hemp Industries Association, Vote Hemp has developed various industry standards for hemp food products as part of the TestPledge program.

TestPledge Mission: TestPledge alleviates concerns by consumers that eating hemp nut (the inner "nut" that remains after the seed shell is removed) or hemp oil products may cause confirmed positive drug tests for marijuana. TestPledge also dispels concerns regarding hemp oil body care products topically applied on the skin. Pledge companies commit to implement quality control measures which limit the amount of trace residual THC in hemp nut and oil, thus eliminating the risk of a confirmed positive drug test.

Disclaimer: TestPledge does not employ a third party audit to enforce pledges hemp companies make on the Web site, and assumes no responsibility for a company's failure to comply with its pledge. Signatories are solely responsible to honor their pledges on their own integrity.

TestPledge producers and processors of hemp oil and hemp nut must commission THC tests on each and every lot of hemp nut and oil, performed by a properly accredited laboratory according to the official Health Canada protocol. All TestPledge distribution and/or manufacturing companies downstream must obtain and keep copies of THC tests on each and every lot of hemp nut and oil that is bought, used and/or sold.

The TestPledge is effective for a TestPledge company's products produced as of the date noted for that company on the TestPledge Companies page. TestPledge covers only hemp nut and hemp oil, as these currently are in the hemp products most commonly consumed in the U.S. market. The TestPledge does not cover any products incorporating whole hemp seeds or hemp flour, and consumers should directly contact the relevant company for product-specific pledge information.

For more information, please visit the TestPledge site.


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