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Vote Hemp appreciates your support of our work in educating the public about the environmental and economic benefits of industrial hemp and our efforts to lobby for changes in federal and state laws to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp as a commercial crop.

To provide Vote Hemp with long-term support for our work, you may wish to take advantage of estate tax charitable deductions. This does not affect your current income and may be an ideal way to give.

Bequests can be made in several ways:

  • Specific Bequest: This means that a specific dollar amount, property (such as a residence or land), or percentage of your estate is set aside to be given to Vote Hemp.

  • Contingent Bequest: This means that Vote Hemp receives all or a portion of your estate only under certain circumstances, such as having no surviving spouse or children.

  • Residual Bequest: This means that after your estate pays all debts, taxes, specific bequests and expenses, the remaining amount (or a designated portion) would be given to Vote Hemp.

For more information about a bequest to Vote Hemp, please contact Eric at 703-539-2736 or .

Sample language:
"I give, devise and bequeath to Vote Hemp, Inc., federal tax identification number 52-2551066, P.O. Box 1571, Brattleboro, VT 05302, the sum of $XXX (or describe the real or personal property or portion of the estate) to be used for its general purposes."


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